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Rick, Plano, Texas

My wife has an arthritic knuckle on her ring finger and we have tried all solutions to customize her shank so she could wear her engagement ring comfortably and securely. 

First we tried the springs on the inside of the band which quickly broke.  Next we tried the Fingerfit and repeatedly unclasped.  We had the mechanism adjusted several times and within a week it would start to fail again. 

A local jeweler then suggested the SuperFit - they stated that we would never have an issue again.  What a misstatement!  After a few months the SuperFit mechanism started to open unexpectedly so of course we went back to the jeweler and had to have the mechanism fixed.  Every 4 - 5 months the shank would start to fail and we would have to take the ring back to a jeweler to be repaired.  The constant fear we had was that the SuperFit would fail and the ring would be lost.  Well, our fears were realized one day.  My wife called me from work and asked that I search the house for her ring.  It was no where to be found and we ended up filing a police report because we would have to file an insurance claim.

The insurance adjuster called after we filed to let us know that we were not covered for a lost ring - that our coverage was for stolen property.  Please ask questions about your coverage so you don't ever have to go through this with you insurance company after the fact. 

I researched the internet for a better solution and found Ringlock

The Ringlock mechanism is a great design and I believe we now have a long lasting solution for my wife (we purchased a new ring for her).

Allan was great to work with and he did wonderful work for us.

This is a RING INQUIRY. Please send me a brochure on RINGLOCK that I can show my wife. I am 51 years old, living with crippling arthritis since the age of 28.
Exactly as your web page depicts. I too was a victim of a lost wedding band. Yes, it was difficult to deal with. The clasp had come undone and my band was gone.
I was surfing the web last night and came upon your web site. Amen! Finally an answer. A ring that is properly designed to be secure.

J. Edwards, Phoenix AZ, USA, 

The wedding ring you made for me has worked wonderfully.  I show it off all of the time.  Everyone thinks it is pretty cool.  It really solved the problem of having a large knuckle (from breaking my ring finger playing football).  Thanks again for working with me and making sure that I had it in time for the wedding.

Matt - Portland - Oregon 

That is so great to hear, I was wondering if it all worked out well for you.
Use it well and keep it clean, don't do weight lifting or other drastic work with wrenches or such.


Good morning Allan. I wanted to let you know that we did receive the ring. I wanted to tell you a story that I hope expands the importance of what something like your rings can do. I broke my finger several years ago and have not been able to wear my wedding ring ever since. My declaration to the world about my commitment to my wife is very important. Without a ring on that testimony is very difficult to have. Of course you know that we ordered a ring from you that can make that possible again. Well, I was traveling last week and my wife actually got the package with the ring while I was gone. When I got home late Thursday night, the ring was hanging from a ribbon on our bedroom door and said "marry me all over again." It hasn't been off my finger since. So thank you not just for the ring but the significance of what it represents to us again. Thank you.
Eric – Hawthorn Woods – Illinois

Thank you Eric, this makes my work a joy.



I had a superfit ring that kept falling off. Your design seems to be much better. I am interested in an 8mm silver band. could you please send me ordering, styles and sizing information

What happened to your SuperFit ring? the latch wore out and it would pop open at will.
How long did you have it? about a year.

Good morning Darren;
Have you found your Ringlock difficult to open?

I do use something flat to open mine. My knuckles are big, but the rest of my finger is very skinny, so my ring fits loose. I find that if i put the ring on so the clasp is opened towards my pinkey that it is much easier for me to open. I would much rather it be hard to open versus my superfit ring that would just fall off.
thanks again,
Darren,  Fargo, North Dakoda.

    Subject: problem with ring    

Michelle Brewer
Sugarland, Texas

I wanted to send an email to let you know about a problem that has occurred with my fiance's previous wedding band that has a superfit mechanism. 
Eric bought his superfit ring in 1999 in Austin , Tx . when he and his first wife married in 1999. His ring finger has an enlarged knuckle due to a broken finger from a soccer accident many years ago.
He started having problems with the ring falling off due to the clasp mechanism not staying shut. This happened all the time, and caused a huge amount of stress as he was always having to be very careful with it as not to lose it. Many times he said he had to backtrack his steps to look for it as he realized it was not on his finger. 


Brian McGuire 7/17/2008 10:13 AM

I have a superfit wedding band and have been having problems with it for the past few years. I am at a point now where I cannot wear it for fear that it will fall off (as it has many times before) and I will lose it.

I would like to return it to my jeweler of Superfit but I am sure they will not accept it.

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